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Can I view new posts from two countries and to see those needing ID? I live in Australia but probably can help with more ID’s from New Zealand. I am new to iNaturalist. Thanks


Welcome to iNaturalist!
Here’s the two options I can think of:
One, go to the Identify page and filter to see New Zealand or Australian observations. (I’ve chosen NZ in the link). Here you will see all the observations that need ID, and you have lots of additional filter options.
There are ways to see both NZ and Australia at once using advanced URLs.
Two, you can subscribe to a Place, or multiple places, in your case. Go to your Dashboard (home page) and find the Subscriptions box (should be on the right side). I’d suggest narrowing your subscription to a taxon you’re familiar with, such as Aves (birds) or Plants – you will then see all observations (including ones already Research Grade) in your All Updates / Following sections of the Dashboard. You also have the option to get daily emails notifying you of new observations in the categories you follow – under Account Settings.

Thank you for helping ID!


Thank you for your detailed answer, I wonder if I should follow your instructions on my computer rather than phone!
I am already enjoying this site and I can see it could become addictive!


Yeah, I’d suggest using a computer for IDs. The website isn’t currently set up to be mobile-friendly. Not that it’s impossible – I use my school tablet to ID sometimes.

I’m glad you like it so far! iNat is a great place with a great community. If I hadn’t answered, someone else would have before long :)


Here is the link for viewing observations for both Australia and New Zealand. One for identify page and one for explore page:,6803,6803&subview=grid

Basically on the URL you just need to input the place id together separated by a comma (place_id=6744,6803) -> Australia place ID is 6744, NZ place ID is 6803


I can second the people who suggest using a computer to ID and not the phone, it’s much better.

I have a similar two-places problem; I live in the UK but the wildlife is very similar to that of Ireland, and Ireland has a shortage of ID’ers. So far the only solution I’ve found is to go one country at a time, but I’ll check out the link for advanced URLs.


To save you scrolling through that long thread you need to know the place Id of the places you want. To get that go to the place page and add .json to the url

So for example for ireland

The place number is the first thing listed. You get the 1st one for free by just going to the identify page and filling in the location filter. Please note it is important to use the one under the more filters option.

Then just separate with commas. You can add as many as you want.

Thus identify GB & IE becomes,6718

One little quirk is the text in the filter stays at your first choice, but you can see it working as the number of records increases as you add more places.


Thanks, yes - I just got onto it on my laptop now - so much better!

Thank you for your help :blush:

Thank you, Ireland is in my bucket list! :blush:

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All makes sense now, thank you!

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