Visually similar option missing from the identify tool on

Platform: Website,

Browser: Chrome


Screenshots of what you are seeing

screenshot: Left the site with “Visually similar”, Right the site missing the “Visually similar” option

Description of problem :

Step 1: going to Identify on our network site:

Step 2: wanting to get suggestions “visually similar” for an observations

Step 3: the option is simply missing in the list “visually similar”.

I checked the .org site where the option is avalable

Visually similar is back

however “misidentifications” is still missing.

I guess the system is having some hiccups and it will be back to normal in some time.


Oddly, I can’t replicate this and I see “visually similar” on both sites. Like you now, I am also not seeing “misidentifications” on either site.

If this becomes a consistently replicable bug, please post steps.

Edited to add: sometimes odd bugs like this turn out to be related to language settings, so testing that can be helpful too, though it does not appear to be the issue in this case.