Votes not being returned after topic was moved from Feature Request to General?

Yesterday I moved this topic, which had 22 votes, from Feature Requests to General, which should have returned those votes to their respective users. As of about 5 hours ago, @charlie said he hadn’t gotten his vote back.

However, it’s possible that’ll take a day or two so before I make a bug report to Discourse, I wanted to see if anyone who had voted on that topic get their votes back so we can track it.

Thanks! Here’s a screenshot in case that is helpful:

OK, I’m going to try closing and then re-opening the topic and see if that works.

Still there for me

Thanks @upupa-epops. And are you unable to vote for any other feature requests? Are your votes all used up? I’ll inquire with Discourse about this.

Gonna try this suggestion next:

Yeah I am not able to vote for anything more.

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Thanks @upupa-epops I’ve asked Discourse support about this, hoping to hear back soon.