Wasting time flagging photos

While identifying, I have found a user who has uploaded many many photos lifted from other websites. I have flagged maybe 30 or more as copyright infringements so far, but for each one it takes more than a minute of my time. I do a google image search just to make sure the photo is from elsewhere. Then open the observation in a new tab. Then click on “i” to get the photo up. Then click on “flag”, then choose “copyright”. None of those open quickly for me. It is such a lot of messing around, and I am getting sick of it. This user has maybe 100 more that need flagging. Is there any quicker way of doing this?


Report the user to help @ inaturalist.
Flagging a few photos is okay - but masses - not OK


Thanks Diana - I’ve sent a message. Probably should have just done that in the first place!


I think in cases like this it is reasonable to tag curators in a flag and provide links to some of the other copyright flags to make the case that a user who is uploading massed quantities of copyright infringing images should be suspended to prevent continued uploads. Curators and staff can make that call.

However, even for curators, there’s no way to bulk mark copyright infringing images - they still need to be flagged “manually”. I usually get tired after 30 as well, but may come back another day to knock more down once I recharge some. So I don’t think your effort in flagging the offending observations is wasted. Inefficient, yes, but definitely valuable.

I will also note that some curators do monitor for streams of copyright infringement flags, and, when they notice them, chip in to flag observations from those users. Nothing official on that, just a behavior that I’ve seen and sometimes participate in myself.


Unfortunately this is common especially with school projects and needs to be done. I do this rigorously when I find someone with a stolen photo, because it is helpful when trying to determine the validity of an observation whether the observer has stolen photos in their other observations.


Thanks. I will do some more today, now that I have had some sleep!