Finding liked observations

I saved or liked a couple observations so that I could come back and find them later so I could go visit and enjoy them myself. How do you find them?


On your profile page one of the blue links near the top takes you to it.


Is this just available on the web version or where do I go in the app? I can’t seem to find it in the app.

I think you can only see your faves through the web version; I don’t see a way to access them through the app.

While we’re on the subject, does anyone know if there’s a way to search your favorites with filters? That would sure be a handy thing. I tried the URL approach that seems to work for everything else (e.g. to see my favorite Magicicada observations), but I get the “I got nuthin’” mole.

Is this what you’re looking for?

this is the closest to searching within your favorite observations as i think you can get:,132036727,132132736,10510962,129836462,131664774,85717738,126642875,127396647,126416991,125553414,31765447,86185265,80779678,18294720,118246843,111958921,111350509,55910999,110055462,20735904,102525890,106191902,65316673,82682294,79702664,104604399,41693777,59627332,79944958,102989600,80265366,80365018,99947449,80470988,90736857,95662803,4989866,81121152,88046126,89973268,93367500,93416765,81345755,88504979,81687280,81694984,83401597,88570430,82277144,87209014,51604152,52046131,51627651,82264624,81695171,81920330,82233189,82237493,82354119,84055074,84697335,83940759,82096494,83867387,82894372,83848982,83058595,83060621,82948482,82430007,80803516,81331713,81461477,81388125,82042808,82043048,82061311,1536615,82039992,81567351,81577243,81229937,80519818,80792637,73492798,80277520,80399419,80430064,80432585,80446256,80445704,80437231,80441978,80313979,80317481,80321331,80268738,80194843,78989621,80143457,80051880,80026168,79434080,79459466,79443232,79338634,79380587,79322716,79226426,79190065,79043236,79101198,79008377,78921914,78703114,78588142,78657123,78427686,78536679,78507468,77636859,78249361,78149223,20217747,20916541,77562022,3810193,34206057,75954039,76355230,76213163,76333440,7561228,75031689,74960236,1724790,74778041,6250484,72282781,71417921,71155217,70409096,69791498,69768992,69222778,14188735,37991725,66862063,66401863,62379715,61595702,61502255,61450949,18221005,60517666,60444488,15617528,59370289,57825167,58252826,58113309,58131259,32321203,54766643,51350682,49053713,41685361,49278373,46296229,45675054,26771144,43130715,42156001,41803625,41592036,41455639,21785571,40853176,40516282,17874369,38423749,36923332,34594988&taxon_id=83854.

more info here and the rest of the thread:

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No–I’d like the ability to search observations I’ve favorited (usually other people’s) using filters. I often favorite an observation because there’s something interesting or significant (data-wise), and it would nice to quickly find all of the favorites that pertain to genera/species I’m working on.

Thanks for that, and the link to the other discussion! I was sure I couldn’t be the only person looking for this function…

You don’t ned a filter:

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This is what the OP, @patrick1654, was looking for. Rather than bringing up all of my favorites, what I’m looking for is a way to bring up just the favorites of a particular organism, or search favorites by date, or any of the other filters that can be applied to observations in general.

You can do a command-F to find a species or genus name, but that still means wading through all the pages of favorites, and it won’t work for aspects of the observations that don’t appear as text on-screen (e.g., date).

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