Weird little coincidence

I never had heard of a boat-tailed grackle before today. Then, in my notifications a user named boattailedgrackle helped with an identification. Two minutes later, a user named vj007 misidentified one of my observations as a boat-tailed grackle.

Just one of those strange meaningless little coincidences that crop up in life, I guess.:woman_shrugging:


I love this, too!


You got Junged!


It’s a conspiracy - boat tailed grackles are about to launch their attempt to take over iNaturalist, then the world :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


There’s a theory!?! I had never heard of Jung’s theory before. Still, I am so familiar with the apparent phenomenon. These weird little nonsense coincidences have happened sporadically my whole life long. I wondered, ‘huh, what is it with boat-tailed grackles?’


Part of it is more prosaically - seen it once - you notice it next time.

Concept introduced in the 1920s. Exactly a hundred years later, synchronicity strikes again.


That’s kind of funny because yesterday we were driving through a wildlife refuge and there were lots of dragonflies (I think mostly 12-spotted Skimmers) perched at the very tippy-top of lots of perches like tall weed seeds, posts, and the top of trees that were dead. It had been a long day, it was hot and humid, I had 12 deer fly bites on my legs (I think there were some in the car biting me as we drove) and I got a bit loopy in the late afternoon.

I started a narrative where the dragonflies were sentries posted throughout the refuge reporting back to wildlife HQ about the humans passing through. They look like innocent, innocuous insects but really… it’s only a facade of the real, underworld workings of nature.

It had been a long, hot day. :-)


Lol, that is good! I like it! Me and my mom do the same thing all the time. Not all the time is the day hot. ;-).

If, like me, you visit a park or open space that has a marina nearby, the next thing you’ll notice is a boat with the name “Grackle” painted on its aft.


Now, that would be pretty funny! … but a brewpub named the Tipsy Tail Grackle would be more fun :beer: . It could make Tipsy Tail Ale.

Seems like grackles generally are not well known in the SF Bay Area, but, on occasion, Great Tailed Grackles have been identified in Northern California (mostly, those seem to be in the southern part of the state).

I am still a bit bemused by those 2 references, just 2 minutes apart. So much wishing I could see a grackle now.

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