What are the botanical experiences/activities/places worth visiting in London?


What are the botanical experiences/activities/places worth visiting/seeing/experiencing/learning in London? Also – any London nature’s guide recommendations, especially plant related?

Thank you!

Chelsea Physic Garden

It is a small space, densely packed. I did a guided walk. Fascinating to see in life what we only read about here on iNat. Filmy fern - one layer of cells, so delicate you can read thru it. Safely in a cabinet, where the guide told us she was once allowed to touch it!

E plant names at Chelsea Physic Garden

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If you want a sheer volume of plants plus a hefty dose of history go to Kew Gardens. It is a classic.

I suggest a trip to Knepp Castle Estate if you can get out of London. It is one of the original efforts to rewild parts of Britain. They are converting an estate, turned farm, back to a wilder more natural state.


What a great suggestion, thank you so much!

Thank you so much!

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Hampstead Heath is not very wild, but has a long history of being surveyed for plants with some interesting ones there:
It also has good views of the city and is easily accessiblel.


wonderful advice, thank you!

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