Advice for Finding Biodiversity in London & Kew

Hi all,

I’m planning my first visit to London. I’m mostly going to see the cultural sites, but, since I’m a botanist, I figured I should set aside one day for visiting Kew Gardens. But I was wondering if any of you out there had suggestions for what to see in Kew or any other spots in the touristy districts that I shouldn’t miss for their biologic interest.

I would love to visit Kew Gardens some time.
David Attenborough’s Kingdom of Plants series shot in Kew left me in awe.

Kew is fabulous. What you should see there depends upon what your interest is, because they have many remarkable collections. Most visitors, though, will definitely want to see the glasshouses, esp. the Temperate House, because they are architecturally spectacular and gorgeous and historical. If you’re esp. keen on history, try to visit the herbarium, too. Mostly though, just wander. Only a few days are needed to see most of it, unless you visit the library.

Depending on what your interests are, it would be worth contacting them ahead of your visit. Often there are places or material you don’t get to see as a “through the gate visitor”, and access can be arranged ahead of time.

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