What are your favorite insects?

Earlier this week I discovered a new moth which is now high on my list of favorite species. I’ve always had a soft spot for lepidopterans anyway, but recently the Indian Lily moth (P. Gloriosae) has absolutely stolen my heart. How can you not just adore such a beautiful little creature? <3

This new discovery has left me feeling curious about even more species that are near and dear to people’s hearts, so what are some of your favorites? ^-^


My favorite insects are :
Oleander Hawk Moth,I have never seen a hawk moth but I have seen it while making ID’s for others.
Crimson Rose Butterfly,Its too beautiful to take your eyes of it,it landed in my garden once.
Common Jay,Tailed Jay and Lime Swallowtail are my other favorites


I love the oleander hawk moth too actually, those markings are stunning! :D Definitely all good choices!


they are amazing creatures,the shape of their wings is soo beautiful


Macrotera bees! Here’s one of a dozen I saw today: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/94506824

Lithariapterx sun moths are tiny and fabulous. This observation is a great example (not mine): https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/9888386

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How does one pick a favorite? But recently I saw a type of fuzzy bee fly that was just the cutest thing ever!

I also got my first ever observation of the critically endangered Rusty-patched Bumble Bee. When it got identified as such, I was just kind of stunned and in awe.


I was wondering how many posts it would take before someone didn’t mention a butterfly or moth.

My favorite probably changes from time to time. Right now it is Hyalurga vinosa – which I call the Harlequin Moth because one of my colorful childhood books captioned it as such. I was overjoyed to find them common enough in the Dominican Republic for me to write a short journal article about it. I think I am going to make this species one of my long-term research projects.

Also high up on my list would be the White Witch Moth, which I actually have never seen in real life, but that same childhood book billed it as “world’s largest moth.” In terms of wingspan, it is, though not by wing area.

Another is Hoplocheiloma notitipenne, which I call the Jester Fly because of its colors and mannerisms.

Last but not least, the Fire Beetle – it is bigger and brighter than a firefly, and its light shines constantly, not flashing.


I can’t choose one there are many like butterflies offcourse, I love every butterfly I see, pellucid hawk moth, bees, wasps looks like true predator I love wasps, and dragonflies they are also good, you know dragonflies are the most successful predator with rate of more than 90% and I love beetles because of there cute round shapes, I embrace the beauty of ants, and front cute face of spider not oxyopes offcourse but jumping spider so cute and that’s all that’s why I can choose any one insect or two to love


ohh I forgot to metion beauty of flies, brachyeran(spelling might not be correct so blow flies) and other flies there big eyes are just adorable, I woder why people hate insects, they are so cute, I would love a insect if I fear it as then I will embrace how fearful his looks are


My favourite that I’ve seen so far would have to be this beautiful female Rainbow Mantis (Sphodropoda quinquedens):

There are so many beautiful insects though that it’s really hard to choose favourites!


Very true


Impossible to choose, there’re just too many of them and all are good for different reasons, I like every Odonata I met, e.g. Red-veined Darter for beautiful two-coloured eyes, all Aeshnidae are majestical and have complex patterns, Corduliidae are shiny green, etc.


Clock beetles have always been a favourite of mine. Don’t know what it is but I like them!
Last week there was one in the classroom and I put it outside… when I opened the door to put it out an earwig fell on my hand! It must have been residing in the doorframe.

Also moths are a notable favourite of mine. Favourite is probably the antler moth. I get on well with them, especially when one comes inside and I get to show it to my dad. He is terrified of moths! Always funny to see his reaction but I can’t help but feel bad for him.


Oddly, I love drab moths. They have a subtlety that I appreciate. If I was to name a favourite, I’d have to say Mythimna unipuncta, which I knew as Pseudaletia unipuncta. This moth and I have a long history, so the understated (but subtle) nature of it, it’s pest status and my knowledge of it all combine.330px-Mythimna.unipuncta.01


Too many to choose so I’ll try to limit myself to one or two species/groups from some of my favorite orders

Luna and atlas moths definitely come to mind, and swallowtails are always nice to see.

I also think wasps are really cool, but I definitely have a healthy respect for their space. Mud daubers are definitely in my favorites because they’re great builders and have a sleek and elegant look.

Large beetles like Hercules or Atlas beetles are great, their sheer size and power is impressive.

Crickets and cicadas both provide great background noise (if you’re not too close, otherwise they’re a little too loud for me) and both look cool as well.

One insect I saw yesterday was also very impressive. Hadn’t heard of handsome meadow katydid before I saw one but I looked it up and the display of colors looked so alien, or at least something that would be more at home in the tropics than in New Jersey. Compared to the other katydids I’ve seen this one definitely stands out.


There are so many. I cannot choose a favourite.

Favourite beetles, ok

Favourite Moths, capable

Favourite Spiders (which aren’t insects), doable

“Insects” is too broad a category for me to choose from, actually!! :) :(


Some of our native Western WA insects that I love:

1: Banded Alder Borer (Rosalia funebris)
2: Bembix sp.
3: Blue green Sharpshooter (Graphocephala atropunctata) and other species of planthoppers/leafhoppers/sharpshooters (cicadellidae)

Some non native insects that I love:

1: Shield Mantises (Choeradodinae)
2:Shining Leaf Chafer Beetles (Rutelinae)
3: Ogre Faced Spiders (Deinopis)


Hymenoptera, Zygentoma, Earwig, Odonata, Beetle


Echoing the sentiment that it’s impossible to really choose, there’s so many fascinating and lovely insects out there, and just as many that I’m sure I haven’t heard of yet.

I have a soft spot for all beetles, but especially Phloeodes diabolicus (or rather, Nosoderma diabolicum now, but I find the former more fun to say). They’re such strange creatures, and I remember the first time I saw one very vividly. They look like little chunks of lava rock with legs, complete with a coat of dust and all. Their limbs and abdomen are usually clad in golden setae, making them look gilded along the edges. And, they have the strongest exoskeleton of any known insect, with the ability to support nearly 40,000x its own weight, and are notorious for breaking pins when collected by entomologists. Very unique creature.


Well, yes, I am thrilled by the colors and bouncy flight of butterflies and moths. Yet, I also have a persistent fondness for stick insects and preying mantids, oh, and silk worms. For a while, soldier fly larva lived in my red worm compost bin, and I grew fond of them, too. These are not insects, but I am fond of millipedes, they are so placid and chill.