What books about Texas crawfish could I buy?

Might any of y’all know about some books/magazines that are intended to help out readers identify and understand different species of crawfish? I spend a ton of time googling information about crawfish, but there’s only so much information out there for free, unfortunately. More especially, I’m looking for books/magazines I can buy that help detail on crawfish in Texas or the southeast US area. Thank you!!

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@dan_johnson will know. he might have even written a book himself.


I am writing a book on Texas crayfish, but it is still a ways off. There is an out-of-print book “Texas crawdads” that’s worth getting if you can find one. I have a half dozen PDFs on new species described for the state. If you want them, I get email them to you.


An email would be great, I’ll message my email address to you. I’ll be looking for ways to get my hands on the Texas crawdads book as well. Take your time with your own book and update us when it’s complete! It’ll be awesome to have around since information on caving crawfish isn’t so easily found online.

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