Shrimp identification guides for the Gulf of Mexico?

Hey! I’m looking for a shrimp guide for the Gulf of Mexico, and for the love of it all I can’t find one. Specifically I’m trying to find something to help me ID pistol/snapping shrimp (Alpheidae), but the more shrimps the better.

Does anything of the sort exist (Or even better, for the state of Texas)? I can’t seem to find one beyond what SEAMAP’s developed. Thank you so much!


I’m going to update this post to add that I’ve since found “An Illustrated Guide to Marine Decapod Crustaceans of Florida”, published by Florida State University in 1986. Pdf’s are free online, but finding a bound copy is going to be impossible rip. It also doesn’t include Alpheus angulatus, which was the whole point of this post, since that species was officially described in 1995, but I do have that description paper.

If anybody knows any other guides, I’d love to hear them (Especially if they’re available in print)! Thank you!