What do the colours on map symbols mean?

Windows Chrome:

see: https://www.inaturalist.org/taxa/447657-Liparia-splendens-splendens

What do these symbols mean?
There are two dark (the map legend says chromista) and two blue (vertebrates)

But this view is for a plant taxon. So what is the significance of these colours?
[blue is probably “casual”, but I cannot figure out the dark symbol - but this is not what the legend displays]

What do those points show as when you click on them? Also, we can’t see from the screenshot what taxon you searched, although the photos at the bottom show a plant as you suggested.



OK: then the incorrect “Map Legend” should be removed or disabled.

I can’t speak on anyone’s behalf but I’m guessing this is probably a conflict due to the iNat team wanting to ditch the taxon “colour” coding e.g. green for plants, orange for inverts. At the same time, they are starting to develop colour coding for more practical use e.g. being able to quickly discern what needs ID or doesn’t from the map view. So this over time integration is causing moments where there are still conflicts like this.

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