Why arent all Arthropods displayed as orange icons on the map?

The name of the thread pretty much explains itself. Ive always found it kind of odd that Insects/Arachnids get the orange name and icon, but other arthropods don’t. Not even all Hexapods get the orange icon, just Insecta.

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Other arthropods are getting lumped in the blue “Other Animals” category, but I agree, I think it would make more sense to have them orange with insects, molluscs, and arachnids. I’m not sure whether they would consider changing the color without changing the iconic taxa definitions though.

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Hope I’m not doing wrong by using averagewalruss thread for this, but…

All my observations have orange markers and the map is displaced at my observations page. Is this a bug?

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When they switched to the new map view, there are now some parts of the website where all map markers will appear orange rather than separated into the different “iconic taxon colors”.


Ok, thank you. And about the positioning of the map?

I think the displaced map may have to do with your display settings. For instance, on some monitors I get the same issue, on others, not. Try using Control + or Control - to see if you can get it better positioned.

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Also, try using the grid setting instead of the list setting to view your observations (or anyone else’s, for that matter).

Thank you. Using ctrl +/- doesn’t change things, just zoom in or out. At this page I don’t have where to change the view setting (besides I like to see the info that is displayed here).

I have heard that page referred to as “the old observation list”. It doesn’t have a grid view like the other newer observation list page. Not sure if that is relevant or not…

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