What does that mean : {"project_observation_rules.base":["Must select a place for that rule."]}?

Hi everybody,

I’m creating a project to record observations of soil heap of Belgium. To allow that observations to be on the perimeter of the soil heap, I include a file contains boundaries of the soil heap. I did this for 63 sites but now, I can’t arrive to add more and there’s this message that appear. What do you think is it ? Problems due to memory ? Please, write me soon !

Can you share the URL of your project and a screenshot?

i assume this is the project: https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/terrils-de-wallonie
is it necessary to have one place per soil heap?
does it fail on a specific place, or is it failing on any additional place you try to add? if you remove one of the 63 places, can you add a place that was failing? (if these are true, maybe you’re running up against a limit for places per project?)

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i’m guessing whatever the problem was has been resolved, since the probable project involved looks like it has had a lot more places added to it.

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