What does the "About this bioblitz" Button do?

Platform (Website):
Browser, if a website issue (Chrome) :
**URLs https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/city-nature-challenge-2023-city-of-cape-town

The Button: “About this bioblitz”. What is it for? Clicking it does nothing. The other buttons (e.g. “View All”, “Donate”) do something, but this one just sits there and does nada- it does not even blink.

This is the same for other bioblitzes that I have looked at.


That’s interesting, I can confirm that I get the same behavior (no action) from that button (Firefox 112.0.2) today, although the last time I tried it (on a couple different blitz projects a few weeks ago), it went to the same page ([project URL]?tab=about) as the “Read More” button under “About” in the project header. Something must have changed recently.

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I set up a new project and see the same thing. I looked that the page source using the developer tools, and there is no URL/link associated with the button. The other buttons, of course, do have href tags associated with them.

Edit: just to add, I’m not sure if this has always been the behavior, or if this is recent.

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