What have I "not" seen in a specific area

There a way in iNat to seek out species I have “not” seen in a specific area. For example, suppose I go to the Point Reyes National Seashore and want to specifically search out birds I have not seen there. Is there a way in iNat for iNat to match all “observed” in a geographic region, and match it against what I’ve seen in that region, and then give me a list of what I have not seen?

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There is, but it is not easy or intuitive, do a search on the forum here for how to use the compare tool, which allows this. I will try and find the relevant topics, but you or others may find them before I do.

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They have added some of this functionality to the new Life List. You can select the birds tab, then on the right-hand side select “Unobserved Species” and it will show all the birds you haven’t seen. In that same section there is a “Place” field that you can fill, to see what you haven’t seen in that specific place.


That query shows you species that other people have observed in that place that you haven’t seen at all anywhere. You can’t use the life list to look for species that you haven’t seen in a specific place.


This should allow you to check what birds you’ve seen in Point Reyes compared to what other iNatters have seen there.

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