What is the problem with POWO (Plant of the world online) website? it can't be opened :(

Today since morning about 7:00 GMT the POWO website is not opening and shows “timed out” message
Is it a temporary problem? or scheduled repair and maintenance?

It’s been down for nearly 12 hours, I didn’t see any notices about scheduled downtime on the site yesterday

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exactly, it was working fine then suddenly stopped
I also could not find any mention in KEW social profiles except an internet problem


FB says - Now resolved.

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Yes, the card payments problem is resolved but POWO website still not working :(

Hopefully it’ll be up and running soon.

It’s back up now: https://powo.science.kew.org/


Great :)

Quite normal for websites to go down when an update is applied that either didn’t quite work out or that takes a little time to carry out. Unless you’re a company whose webservice is critically urgent to be up for people’s lives or the company to run then this might mean the website being down up to a day or even several, depending on the situation.

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