What is this bird (from the GTA VI trailer)

I was just watching the trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6 (an upcoming video game) set in Florida. There’s a shot with a number of animals from the Everglades, and I recognize the American flamingoes and alligator, but I’m at a loss as to this crane-like bird in the foreground of the shot. Is it based on a real species, or just a fanciful generic waterbird invented for the game?

Also I dunno if this warning is necessary but the trailer contains sensitive material. I’m only focused on the birds obv but felt it’s worth mentioning.
Screen Shot 2024-02-19 at 5.22.07 PM

Likely someone’s attempt at a sandhill crane.


Looks like a sandhill crane, except with a flamingo-like pink colour on the head and neck, as well as a white body

Hm. Sandhill crane was my first thought, though of course there are some major differences. I suppose they just didn’t reference real photos closely for the model.

It’s a juvenile Whooping Crane.


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I second a Whooping Crane, maybe young, maybe with the head rusty from the water.

Apologies, I could have sworn I posted it there.

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This is it for sure! Thanks.

Juvie Whooping Cranes just look like that. I realize this may not be a familiar plumage to most people, since it’s primarily seen on the breeding grounds. I’m lucky to be quite familiar with birds that look just like this in the wild.

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Whooping Crane was my first thought as well.