What to do about a vase of florist flowers posted as an observation

I came across a vase of flowers posted as an observation of Eustoma grandiflora (aka exaltatum). I guess it is a prank. Is there anything that can be done about this?

Mark it as captive/cultivated? If there’s origin information and notes describing the reason for it being in a vase, it could still be wild. I think a bit of humor is sometimes okay in observations:

Maybe add it to these projects too, if applicable:

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I don’t see anything pranking about, just an observation of captive flowers, mark it as so.


People post cut flowers, boutonnieres, etc. They don’t get that iNaturalist is for wild things. Just mark it “captive/cultivated” or “not wild” and move on to the next observation.


Yup, captive/cultivated. If it is a new user, you could also copy/paste one of the canned responses to let them know that iNaturalist is primarily for observations of wild species. Florist bouquets are pretty straight forward cases for cultivated - it gets trickier if the flower in the vase is native to the location and possibly picked in the wild and taken home for further study/ID (also see this thread for more discussion on that).


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