What to do about cactus/succulent deformities? (or other cultivated plant varieties)

I’ve been interested in crested cacti for a while, and recently looked into what causes them and other types of mutations. It seems like there’s three main types of deformities that are cultivated in cacti/succulents: crested, monstrose, and variegated. While the majority of these are bred for by cultivators, they can rarely be seen in the wild.

Is there any standard way to note these as being crested, etc.? I’ve seen a lot of cultivators and enthusiasts use “f. cristata” and “f. monstrosa” for crested and monstrose cacti respectively. Is there a way to regulate this on iNaturalist? Would the best way to do it be observation fields? Or is this a topic that wouldn’t really be of use to research and should be ignored?

I assume this could be a slippery slope with specifying cultivated mutations and showing cultivars as a taxonomy, but I’d be interested in other’s thoughts and opinions.

Try this project

It doesn’t appear to have any cacti observations but there are plenty of cristate and monstrose plants of other families


This might be a great place for crested cactus: https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/fascinating-fasciation

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