What's in your field kit?


-Ruler that fits in the wallet (so that it’s always there)
-3’ tiny tape measure ( for measuring stride of animal tracks)
-10x loupe

  • binos
    -collection vials
    -write in the rain notebook. Squares are 1/4” and make a decent scaled background for photos.
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Usually you wouldn’t want to use a plastic bag for this because it wouldn’t allow the moss to dry out. They are usually made out of a sheet of paper (preferably something like cotton fiber paper) that is folded into an envelope.

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Ah I see, thanks Beachcomber!


  • camera with telephoto lens
  • flash and macro filter (for macro)
  • a ruler
  • a Becherlupe (a common thing here in Germany which doesn’t seem to have an English name)
  • binoculars
  • notebook
  • food and water


= magnifying box or jar (aka bug box or jar), i think

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@blazeclaw would be interested to know which macro and zoom lenses you use for your phone. There seems to be a lot of options out there and some look sketchy.



Either in my bag or in the car for use in the parking lot, is a hand held boot brush/scraper. It was a giveaway at an event I attended last year. (Thank you to the Kankakee Torrent Chapter of the Illinois Native Plant Society.) As we discussed native plants, they wanted to stress the importance of not spreading non-native seed on your next trip. The attendees are in the habitat of visiting rare remnant and restored habitats which of course they all want to keep that way.

It’s best clean your boots is in the parking lot after each walk/hike.



We have a plant pathogen, kauri dieback, so here in NZ it’s a good idea to have a (small) spray bottle of disinfectant to hit the soles with after cleaning, just to be sure!



The ones I use I bought at a camera shop called mikes camera, I generally avoid the ones on the internet for the same reason.



If you look up promaster phone clip you can find them, they’re reliable and I use them nearly every time I am out.



I carry a Sony A7III camera with a macro lens and home-made flash diffuser. I also carry little glass vials in case I collect any insects.

Then I have a backpack which has four water bottles, almond bars, diapers, wipes, a couple sizes of changes of clothes, sunscreen and a changing pad.

I see I am on a very short list of people dragging toddlers along for the hikes.



Now that the weather is warmer I’ve brought back out one of my favorite pieces of field kit that I completely forgot about! I remember when the only options for potable water in the field were boiling, iodine, or expensive pumps, so this has been a total game-changer for staying hydrated while only having to carry one bottle (at least since there are water sources everywhere in my area):


I’ve found they’re cheaper at physical stores like walmart. There are similar products now from Lifestraw as well. This one screws on to your standard soda bottle (in addition to the squeeze bottle it comes with). Really versatile, dead simple, takes a load off. And when I let one freeze in my car (apparently a no-no), it was cheap enough to replace painlessly.

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Apart from the obvious like camera, binoculars, plastic container (spices have a good size), sandwich, water bottle, emergency cookies I always take a cloth handkerchief to wipe the sweat off (this is Spain).



• Water
• 1st Aid – Snake pressure bandages, antiseptic etc.
• Emergency Kit - PLBeacon, Emergency thermal blanket, Life Straw, Kinfe, Torch, Spare torch Batteries, Small amount of Rope.
• Sun Protection
• Power Bank
• Camera accessories
• Small containers
• Ruler



I carry both light and heavy forceps. I have featherweights for handling delicate stuff, and a set of long heavy forceps for things that bite/sting. I generally avoid grabbing animals with these, but they’re good poking around in places you don’t want to put your hands in.

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