What's that small black dot in the upper right?

What’s this? Don’t remember it being there before, and it’s not clickable.

No idea, I don’t have it.

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I don’t have this in light or dark theme. Also using Chrome.

I’m on Chrome as well and don’t seem to have it.

it’s not clickable

If you hover your mouse over it, does it look like it should be clickable? When I hover my mouse over that area, it says it should be clickable, but nothing happens if you do (except if you double click, then it highlights my profile). Possibly related, or has it always done this and I’ve just not noticed it before?

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not on my screen either.

Not really. No matter where I move the mouse over it, it stubbornly stays a pointer arrow.

Try right clicking it, and see what context menu comes up. If it’s the same context menu that appears when you click away to the left of it (where there is definitely nothing), then it is likely not something in the browser. Maybe a burnt out section of the screen? Old phosphor monitors had irregular shaped black spots from phosphor burn, and suffered it so much that they came up with “screen savers” to stop it happening so badly… Modern monitors are led based and I can imagine small sections of them getting burnt out like that, making the marks more circular or regular in shape. Try opening a blank browser window and see if the spot is still there…

[Edit: but it seems too perfectly placed to be a random burn out]

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Also, consider possible plugins that might be interacting with the page, try disabling them one at a time and refresh the page to see if it’s still there.

Failing all that, you will need to report a UFO (unidentified forum object)

[Oh, wait… That’s what you are doing!]


I don’t get the dot but in Chrome and Edge. I get a selection mouse finger in that area that results in nothing. Nothing shows in Firefox. Maybe connected with some background interface tweaking. There was a Curious Aberrant Tick (CAT) spotted https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/link-back-to-inaturalist-org-from-forum/1404/13 that has since gone away.

I don’t see the dot either, but like @bobmcd, I see an apparently clickable area there based on the cursor (I’m using Safari on Mac). The web inspector shows that there is a page element there:

Screen Shot 2021-04-12 at 3.09.25 PM

I can imagine that the dot is some browser’s way of displaying that page element, especially if there is some plug-in or extension or something involved.

Right clicking offers the same menu as anywhere else. It’s not a screen problem, because it only appears in the forum; here’s what my iNat home page looks like:

Uh… What’s a plugin?

“Plugin” or “extension” are two terms used for software that can modify the behavior of the web browser (or other types of programs). They can do all sorts of interesting & useful things, but can also have bugs/quirks that lead to unexpected behavior or appearance.

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A plugin is a software add-on or extension that is installed on a program, hopefully enhancing its capabilities. You look like you have a Ad Blocker installed in the screenshot which is one such add-on. If you click on the grey little puzzle piece, on the upper right between your add blocker and browser identity, above your forum identity icon, it will show you more information about your extensions/add-ons/plugins.

it looks like a placeholder for this functionality which iNaturalist doesn’t use: Custom Header Links - theme - Discourse Meta. i don’t know why you see it and other folks don’t. maybe you have an extension or some sort of weird browser or device setting.

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Here’s what I see when I click on the puzzle piece:

And when I click “Manage extensions”:

You could try turning off Adblock Plus and then reloading the page, to see if the dot goes away.

Хм, в тёмном стиле оформления точки нет, но есть достаточно большая интерактивная зона, которая никак не реагирует на нажатие, контекстное меню то же не отличается от соседних участков. Только курсор мыши меняется.

It has now disappeared, even though I didn’t change any settings or anything. Weird!

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It flew away before you could make an observation of it! I’m sure there’s a forum topic “the one that got away”