When exploring Observations, place "Austin, TX, USA" doesn't map to the whole city of Austin

It maps to the Austin Nature & Science Center, in a public park in Austin. So people exploring what they think is Austin only see a tiny subset. Can someone help me understand this or get it corrected?

I assume you are searching from the location box at the top right ? If so, those come from Google Maps and are not controlled by anything in iNaturalist. A better option is to click the filters button, on the form then select more filters and in the location box enter Austin, from where you can pick several different options.

October 2017

May 2018

That doesn’t work everywhere. I just verified that it works on the Identify page, but still not on the taxon or observation pages (those still function as documented here)

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As I wrote in my post above, iNaturalist does not control the locations that are used in the box marked location on the landing page of the Explore View.

The question was not about filtering observations from the taxa page, it was about how do I see all the observations from Austin, which is what I documented how to do.

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I was just trying to point out other ways of using filters getting to Austin observations that I use (with varying degrees of success) and decided to piggyback on your comment since you were already talking about filters.