When trying to delete flag nothing happens

When trying to delete flag, system either shows me an error message “only administrators can see this page” in red, or it gets me to the homepage, but when I get back to the taxon it’s still there, is it working slowly and I should wait or it’s not working at all?

Flags can’t be deleted, I think.


Flags can be deleted by the creator if no one has commented on or resolved the flag, so this should work. I deleted one of my own accidental flags a couple days ago and it took a few tries before it actually was deleted.

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As a fix, I can just resolve it with a note to look here. That shouldn’t prevent you from deleting it yourself, but at least no one will try to act on it.

Thank you, if you could delete the Russian name that is the main now it would be gret too, I found an actual name and added it, but as flags can’t be edited I wanted to delete this one, but it just didn’t happen.

Could you tell me here or on the flag which name that is? The one further up the taxon page isn’t necessarily the one that appears in any given language, I don’t think.

Морфо Менелай is the wrong one, it’s a name of the species while ssp has different name.

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Thank you!

When trying to delete a flag, it takes you to the last page you were on and shows the popup “Only administrators can access that page.” Feel free to test this, it probably has something to do with testing of other issues attached to this feature.

Made a bug report here: https://github.com/inaturalist/inaturalist/issues/2985


Could you tell me why nothing was done before?

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Oh I completely forgot to search for other topics on this; could a forum moderator please merge our posts?

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No specific reason, I think it just got lost in the shuffle, I’m sorry.


Is there any reason why this functionality cannot be restored? I see from the github issue that it may have been deliberately reomoved by @kueda, but no clear reason was given. A “slack-convo” was mentioned as being possibly relevant, but I cannot view it.

The reasons for needing this functionality haven’t changed. If a mistake is made, or the flag is obsoleted by subsequent events, it seems counter-productive to keep it. If there’s no other history attached to the flag, nothing of any value will be lost.

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The functionality has now been restored (thanks): https://github.com/inaturalist/inaturalist/issues/2985#issuecomment-848939972.

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