Where to find mature Loblolly pine in New Jersey

Hi everyone.

Is anybody knows where I can find quite big mature trees of Pinus taeda (Loblolly Pine) in New Jersey state ?

Thanks for your help.


I would start with this map :wink:


I did, but it is not easy:
1- To be sure that it is really Pinus taeda
2- That the subjects are mature

But i can contact the observers so, it is a good idea.

I wasn’t sure it’s native to NJ but this map shows it may be. https://www.plantmaps.com/nrm-pinus-taeda-loblolly-pine-native-range-map

Another USDA map is similar. Natural habitats in NC are mostly bay lake shoreline communities. It’s been planted everywhere though and readily takes over old fields if a seed source is nearby.

That’s why I said: “start”. Now you have 81 observation, where you can look at the photos to see whether they are mature, or look at the map to find trees near you and go to check them out personally or, as you said, ask the observers.

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