Where will the Brood X cicadas be?

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The Brood X Magiciadas will be back next year! My childhood home was basically ground zero for our local group of them and as luck (and some kind of flaky planning) would have it, I’m getting married next year. “Being surrounded by an optimal amount of giant screaming bugs” seems like an excellent way to pick a honeymoon location. ;-)

Where are other brood X cicada hot spots? Bonus points for them being in a nature reserve or similar a short drive from some scenic little town where there will be slightly fewer cicadas.


Did you mean Brood IX? That is the one that is supposed to come out in 2020.

See: http://magicicada.org/magicicada/brood_09/

Brood info can be found here: http://magicicada.org/magicicada/broods/

Edit: I still think it is 2019, so yea, brood X is technically next year.
This is probably the best resource, though you could probably reach out to them directly. http://magicicada.org/magicicada/brood_10/


I’ve always looked to CicadaMania.com for cicada info. There are maps to track the different broods here.

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Thank you!

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