2024 "Hundreds of Billions" of Cicada Road Trip Questions

Cicada-curious, planning to visit Springfield, Illinois to witness the simultaneous emergence of 17-year Brood XII and the 13-year Brood XIX.

Any tips or suggestions from Cicada enthusiasts? Aiming for sometime in the last week of May.


I’m definitely curious about this thread, I’m going to try to hit up one of the brood emergencies - probably just the southern brood though, if I’m going to take a long drive I at least want to be mountain and not flatland adjacent.

I’m hoping to find some Massospora

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I would also like tips for where and when to see this emergence in southeast Wisconsin or northeast Illinois.

This Alaskan is heading to Indianapolis in April for the eclipse and nearly-as-epic brother-in-law’s birthday bash. Is April 8-12 too early for the cicada-fest? I’ve never seen any eastern cicadas!

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Unfortunately yes, they’re going to be emerging closer to late may-early june

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Darn! I was hoping for the Trifecta! But the other 2 events will be worth the long trip.

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