Which takes precedence?

I have opted out of receiving dashboard notifications of identifications which agree with mine. Don’t really need to know someone agrees with my Northern Cardinal or Eastern Grey Squirrel. However there are a few cases where I’d actually like to see a notification.

For example if I have this correctly identified, so I can appropriately save and tag my photos etc, just constantly going and monitoring isn’t efficient.


If I favourite the observation will that take precedence or my will my opt out take precedence?

If the opt out takes precedence I guess an alternative is to add a tag and then just search for RG records of mine with that tag.

Faving or following an observation won’t take precedence over your account setting to ignore agreeing IDs.


You could make your ID at genus level with a comment saying the species you think it is. Then you’ll get a notification if someone takes it to species. It seems you’re in some doubt about the ID, so this is probably the best course anyway.


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