Who here knows about sawfly galls? Genus question

Ive been learning about galls lately, something I was totally unaware before.

I saw willow apple galls the other day:


INat had them as genus Euura but everything I read has them as genus Pontania, with Euura refering to sawflies that produce galls in shoots not leaves.

Is the iNat classification out if date? Or is Pontania out of date? What is going on here?


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If you go to the species page and click on “taxonomy” there’s a little sidebar that says “Taxon changes” and if you click that, it shows you a page that says what the taxon used to be, what it’s been changed to, and (ideally at least) why.
Here’s the link to the one for Pontania: https://www.inaturalist.org/taxon_changes?taxon_id=1354403

It looks like Pontania is now out of date and has been replaced by Euura.


Thankyou!!! I had no idea about that trick!

Learned my two new things of the day :)

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Ok so this is maybe something for @tiwane
Since the genus changed, the about page doesnt link to the wikipedia page with all the info.
Maybe thats something to look into?

If there’s something wrong with a taxon, please flag the taxon on iNaturalist. Click on “Curation” (under the graph) and select “Flag for curation”.

What? I wasn’t even aware about sawfly galls.

I just learned something new today.


The taxon is correct, but because it changed and the wikipedia page still refers to the old one the iNat about section is not finding it. Im guessing this is something that happens in more cases?

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It happens, for sure. Again, please flag the taxon on iNat if you want the Wikipedia link updated (if possible.

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