Plant ID tag leads to moth description

I was just looking at an observation of a Saxifrage and the suggested ID link for section gymnopera contains the description of a moth species not the plant.

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Yes, this sometimes happens when the title of a Wikipedia article uses a scientific name that has a homonym in another Kingdom of organism. Since there is no Wikipedia article for Saxifraga sect. Gymnopera, I just turned off the auto-loading of Wikipedia for that taxon for now. Not really a bug in the iNaturalist code, though I can see how it would seem so. For future reference, this situation is best handled by flagging for curation the taxon in question on iNaturalist itself, since it is a problem that any iNat curator can fix. Thanks for pointing this out!


Sorry I didn’t realise that. I can see where to flag for curation now so I’ll use that in future.