Why do some species lack regional status and how to change it?

Not really sure what category this falls under.

Here’s what I found. INaturalist had (or I just hadn’t noticed till now) that when you look up an observation, list, place, etc, in the grid form for the species list, it will say in the top right corner its regional status at that location. Example being, in Oregon the Mule Deer is native while the European Starling is introduced and the box in the right corner will display a green ‘N’ for the Mule Deer and a pink ‘I’ for the starling. Yet I noticed that some of these species have yet to have status. For example I noticed that the Carolina Grasshopper does not have a status in my county, no box. Even though it’s a native species. Same goes for the Brown-spotted Bush-Cricket which I’ve also seen. But it’s introduced and the box doesn’t show. Is because data hasn’t been entered yet, confirming it’s native or introduced or endemic. If so can anyone add it, or is it a curator thing?

Anyone can add to place checklists to mark taxa as present or absent as well as native, endemic, or introduced to certain places.

In the main header search:
-Search for the place of interest, e.g. the state, country, or other place you are interested in
-Lefthand side>View check list page
-Search for taxon where it says “Type taxon name”
-If not on list, “Add to list” and add taxon to list
-Once on list, click “Edit” next to the taxon
-Change “establishment means” and Save


Thank you, I was hoping it there was someway I can fix that.

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