Why is Crotalus oreganus oreganus obscured throughout its range?

Crotalus oreganus oreganus (Northern Pacific Rattlesnake) has all of its observations obscured. This seems surprising, because this is a widespread taxon, common throughout much of its range. On the taxon page, it says “Sensitive-Critical” Globally (Source: Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife), so that seems like the source of the obscuring.

The linked document includes a table of all sensitive species in Oregon, and in which region(s) of Oregon they are “Sensitive” or “Sensitive-Critical”. Crotalus oreganus is listed as “Sensitive-Critical” only in one region (WV = Willamette Valley), and not listed as “Sensitive” anywhere. (The document chooses not to recognize the subspecies of Crotalus oreganus, but only C. o. oreganus is present in Oregon.)

So if this document is the reason the observations are obscured, why are they obscured outside of the Willamette Valley region? Furthermore, why are they obscured outside of Oregon? Why does the text on the taxon page say ‘“Sensitive-Critical” Globally’? Something seems wrong here.


I think a curator made a mistake. If you check out the taxon history you can see who added the statuses. I’m going to close this thread, though, because this should be discussed on a flag on the taxon.