Will manual logging of species be added to Seek?

I know it says that this is not a place for feature requests or bug report. While this post isn’t requesting a feature, it is asking if there is any known information about upcoming features. Mainly all I want to know is will the seek app ever receive manual logging? I use seek a lot. I love to collect a list of all the different species I find and learn about them. however the seek camera either misidentifies or simply doesn’t know what about 60% of the species are. No matter how good the photos or angles are. So my list is missing so many species, some that are extremely common, because the seek camera just can’t identify them. The app would be so much more complete with a manual logging system where I can simply tell the app what the species is and it’ll allow me to log it. I’m aware that this is already what the iNaturalist app allows you to do, but the iNaturalist app isn’t as well organised and doesn’t have features such as challenges and badges to strive for. The lists aren’t separated by organisms and the app is just generally less user friendly. If both apps could be rolled in to one then that would be excellent. But as it stands now both apps simply feel incomplete. If anyone has any information About what the devs have planned for the future of these apps then I would very much like to hear about it.


I don’t know too much personally, but I do know that the iNat and Seek apps are intended to be different - there is no singularity planned between them.

Some of the things Seek was created for were to allow users under 13 to participate via an app that doesn’t need to share personal data and to have a CV model on a phone that works without an internet connection. For that reason, it seems like the Seek CV will never have all the species present on iNat. There’s also many places that staff have noted that “gamification” features on Seek won’t come to iNat proper. You can try searching other threads hear that may have some answers that you’re looking for.


Good. I’m not at all a fan of gamification features.


There are no plans for allowing manual input in Seek, it’s designed to be computer vision only. Manual control is for iNaturalist, not Seek.

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