Wordle-like games for guessing plants and animals

@jtklein found and shared these with the iNat team today and they’re pretty fun! I had much more success with Metazooa than Metaflora, but I’m curious what a botanist thinks about the latter.

https://metazooa.com/ = guess the animal

https://flora.metazooa.com/ = guess the plant


:star_struck: how very fun and educational​:bangbang:

I know very little taxonomy, but what a great way to learn; very engaging and fun.


Interesting game! Thanks for sharing.

I think it may be a little luck-based :sweat_smile:


Well sure, a little luck-based. But to be fair, so is Wordle.

I think you should take credit for being so good at this game! If I got a Wordle in 1 guess, I would be quite proud.


Got my first try on the second guess

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Haha… for my first turn, it took me 10 guesses; incl. minus 3 for a Hint. I was HUGELY happy :star_struck:


I did not grab a screen shot, and i do not remember, but I’m sure my first game today was not a brain coral. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It was was something between an elk and a fruit bat.


Main frustration is that it only accepts common names, and a limited number of those (no bananas?!) If I have a plant family in mind, it can be a struggle to think of a species the game will let me guess.

I also wasn’t actually trained in that many levels of taxonomy—my education emphasised plant families and to a lesser extent orders, so a majority of these ranks mean nothing to me.


My friend I have been playing this for awhile now. My biggest complaint is it’s lack of diversity. Like the correct first guess is not beetle. I’m hoping they add more animals later.

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I managed to get the answer with three guesses remaining. I would have had six, but I asked for a hint.

Please don’t share what the answer is, as there is only one answer each day. Instead, use the Share button on the page. It will copy what you see below, and you can paste it in.

:t_rex: Animal #82 :owl:
I figured it out in 5 guesses!
:fire: 3 | Avg. Guesses: 6.7


I’ve edited your post to remove the answer. @rinaturalist was sharing a practice round above, not the animal of the day.

:cockroach: Animal #82 :beaver:
I figured it out in 6 guesses!
:fire: 1 | Avg. Guesses: 6


Not too shabby

Edit: the plant one is a lot more frustrating without scientific names

:potted_plant: Plant #21 :evergreen_tree:
I figured it out in 13 guesses!
:fire: 1 | Avg. Guesses: 13



I didn’t realize there was a way to copy your results. I found yesterday’s plant in only three guesses, took me a little longer today.

:fallen_leaf: Plant #21 :maple_leaf:
I figured it out in 7 guesses!
:fire: 1 | Avg. Guesses: 7


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Nice !
Not many species in plant game but useful even if only common name are given (not evident for non english native speakers)

:evergreen_tree: Plant #22 :fallen_leaf:
I figured it out in 4 guesses!
:fire: 1 | Avg. Guesses: 4


Thanks, @tiwane! Silly as it sounds, I didn’t actually know that everybody got the same animal. :upside_down_face:


Didn’t expect this one to go so fast!

:bug: Animal #83 :dodo:
I figured it out in 3 guesses!
:fire: 2 | Avg. Guesses: 10

This one took a little longer, but still fewer guesses than I expected.

:maple_leaf: Plant #22 :palm_tree:
I figured it out in 6 guesses!
:fire: 1 | Avg. Guesses: 15.5

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I’ll be honest, the plant one for today really annoyed me because I used a hint and it gave me the wrong genus so I ended up completely stumped

I got annoyed yesterday and “bought” a hint when it told me the target was in the “50 kb inversion clade” but not “NPAAA clade” which both didn’t help at all. To quote Amy above:

I have since figured out that it is using the NCBI tax browser for its taxonomic groupings, so that at least offers some place to look up what’s in these clades. Some of the common names it accepts can be applied to multiple genera. Once I get down to that level, I find the hardest part is figuring out which names it will accept.

Ohhh it was technically yesterday’s that was a problem. Yeah the 50 kb inversion clad was…completely bizarre as well.

Since the taxa appear confusing at times, and the language limited, maybe someone can make a multilingual version of this app using iNaturalist (or some other) data. As a Dutch speaker, most English common names are meaningless to me.

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