Wordle-esque Bird Game

Look what I found: https://redactlegame.com/birdie

Description is in the title. You start with a zoomed in pic of a bird and make a guess. The photo zooms out after each wrong guess. You have 6 tries total.

I’m pretty bad at birds so its a challenge. It looks like only North American birds are in the list. Have fun.

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interesting. this game doesn’t strike me as particularly Wordle-like (because the set of possible choices isn’t really narrowed down by the previous user interactions).

to make it more conceptually Wordle-like, i think i would allow the user to select how the photos is revealed. for example, you could start with a photo that has 90% blur applied. then during each turn, the user would be able to either reduce the blur of the entire photo by some small increment like 15% over the entire photo, or choose something like 25% of the photo to unblur by a larger increment like 30%.

maybe this could be combined with some the tree-narrowing gameplay of metazoa to make it possible to play that kind of came with more esoteric taxa (where having a photo to look at would be helpful).

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I’m pretty bad at birds, too, but it is interesting.

Tail feathers were enough for me today
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ok wordle wasnt the best comparison, but that would be an interesting project

For South African birds there is Birdle.co.za

this is such a cool game! thanks for sharing :-)

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Didn’t love it on iphone. Still will play it. Thanks for finding it!

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Didn’t notice that my second guess was half correct, so I wasted a couple turns before getting today’s bird. Good ID practice.

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Anyone still playing?

I keep on losing :sweat_smile:

Super funky lil’ game! But why can’t there be a European one. I know those ones so much better. :sob:


Yes, just my thoughts right now… :)

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