Would iNaturalist be able to sponsor an educational comic about my Seek adventure?

Greetings, Naturalists!

My name is Hew Helms and I am an environmental educator. I have been using iNaturalist for years and recently started using its companion app, Seek. I thought it would be fun and worthwhile to document my adventures in the form of comics. I hope someone from iNaturalist can point me in the right direction for support in this endeavor. Perhaps we can work together to maintain branding standards and avoid legal troubles? The comic would be ongoing and discuss biodiversity, citizen science, ecosystem functions and services, self discovery and growth, phenology, traditional ecological knowledge, you name it. Hopefully I can find someone to help here…Thanks!


Hello, not that i am anyone of authority but i definitely appreciate bringing this knowledge to the masses.
I do worry that comics will not reach a very wide audience. But by all means i am in no way discouraging you, anyone that try’s to bring greater understanding of ecology to the masses has my whole hearted support. Best of luck!

I’m not a lawyer so I can’t speak to any potential legal issues. You would have to email legal@calacademy.org.

We don’t really have the resources to partner on something like this, but if you make something iNat-related and tweet about it I can take a look at retweet if it’s cool.

If you have more specific non-legal questions, please email help@inaturalist.org.