Wrong Endemic, Introduced, Native for Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae (taxon_id=204520)

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I’m working with data for Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae (taxon_id=204520) in NZ, but it appears as non-native in the API response. The webpage seems to hold it as native.

Platform (Android, iOS, Website): API

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I’m doing my calls from python, but the error appears in the trial API as well. I’ll use the web API to explain :)
iNaturalist API

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Setp 1: Look for observations of Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae (taxon_id=204520) in New Zealand (place_id=6803)

Step 2: The identification doesn’t match since Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae is native to NZ


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It hasn’t been marked native at the subspecies level and the screenshot is showing the subspecies.


At the species level, it correctly shows native is true.


Thanks for noting this. I checked and the species Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae and Hemiphaga chathamensis (which used to be Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae chathamensis) are set to NZ endemic on the NZ checklist.

(It’s tricky at the species level, as there is also the extinct Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae spadicea from Norfolk Island (not NZ). While we’ve got the species set to endemic for the NZ checklist at the moment, that status (endemic rather than native) is due to the extinction of the Norfolk Island subspecies.)

The subspecies Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae novaeseelandiae is definitely NZ endemic. I see that we don’t have a NZ status marked for the subspecies Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae novaeseelandiae on the NZ checklist.

I just tried to add it, but the iNat web interface insists that it’s already on the list, which it isn’t. I’m wondering if it cannot distinguish between Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae novaeseelandiae and Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae. This might be a bug.

this isn’t a bug, it’s already in the list just not with a status applied. To access it and add a status, search in the lower bar on the right panel, and make sure you change the rank to any instead of species only (change the rank first and then search for the name)


Ah! Thanks! That works.

Thanks for that tip. I hadn’t noticed that the list was default filtering out taxa below species.

Fixed now: https://inaturalist.nz/listed_taxa/66800014

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