Wrong example photo for Xanthochlorus

Hi all,

Today I discovered that the example photo for Xanthochlorus is actual a Neurigona pallida.
I discovered it when I copied the link to the photo and found the corresponding observation: https://www.inaturalist.org/photos/41274183

I cannot replace the photo because my observation was a Neurigona pallida
Hoping some one has a photo to replace it.


I’ve removed this photo. If you’re positive something is identified as the incorrect taxon, you’re actually able to correct it yourself. On the taxon page, if you click on “Curation” and then on “Edit photos,” you should be able to remove the photo and then add a correctly identified photo if one is available. Thanks!


Thanks for the quick respons.
Next time I know what to do.

To add to this, in the future you should flag the taxon directly rather than posting here. You can do that by going to the taxon page, click on the Curation button about halfway down the page on the right, and then click Flag for Curation.


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