Wrong License Applied to My Existing Observations

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Step 1: Go to Account Settings

Step 2: On the left, click Content & Display

Step 3: Change all three default observation license
choices to BY-NC-SA (Attribution, Non-Commercial

Step 4: Under each selection, check-mark “Update existing observations with new license choices”

Step 5: Scroll back to top of page; on the top right,
Click Save Settings

Step 6: Look at existing observations: they are BY-NC
so the SA (Share-Alike) part is missing

Step 7: Edit an individual observation and change its
license to BY-NC-SA, also check-marking the option
for other observations; save the edits

Result: The edited observation has the correct license
but previous ones still show the wrong one.

Please fix this glitch so I can change
my existing observations to BY-NC-SA.

Thanks in advance.

PS: Sorry about the formatting of this post -
the editing window was too narrow and I could
not see the right side of any line that was wider.
Another glitch, but the workaround is to press
Return key to keep the lines short.

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How long did you wait after making the changes before creating this forum post? It might take a while, especially if you have many observations.


I also am pretty sure it’s about waiting for some time.

May I ask why you’re licensing your observations as BY-NC-SA? If I remember right, that means they can’t be exported to GBIF.

Edit: I remembered right. Just found this graph that shows CC BY-NC-SA to be the worst possible observation license.


Thank you for this. I just changed my settings to be CC-BY :). The change has not yet occurred, so I agree there is probably a wait.


Probably worth noting that the combo CC BY-SA + CC BY-NC (center of diagram) isn’t a choice on iNat (can only apply one license).

Yeah, I was confused by that. But the point stands - for sharing data, CC BY is the best and CC BY-NC-SA is the worst.

I think it would be best to leave the discussion in this thread to the bug report. There are already many active threads on the forum about what license to use, the implications of them etc.

All the observations I checked do show the license you selected, so I’ll close this.