Wrong name for Japanese region: Kyushi >> Kyushu

I can’t find a topic here that addresses these matters so here’s a simple post about it.
Could someone fix the name of this region maybe:
What is now called Kyushi should be named Kyushu

thanks and sorry if i didn’t address this properly (i have done a 5min search in the forum and couldn’t find an answer)

G e r b e n

You mean this Place?

Sorry, yes that’s the one.
It’s the official region Kyushu which oddly includes the Okinawa island chain.

Thanks, I’ve fixed the name. If there are problems regarding the boundaries, please elaborate on those too in this thread, but they are much less easily fixed so it may be some time.


Nice one! thanks
I was struggling with the collection of records as i’m preparing a trip to the region…this gives a far better result : )


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