Wrong specimen labeled as "Peppered Moth" when it is not a Peppered Moth

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Step 1: Looked at “New Observations of Peppered Moth” on the Home Page.

Step 2: The specimen displayed is not a specimen of Peppered Moth.

Step 3: It is the wrong genus, Lichnoptera. It does not go away when I reload the home page.

You could simply click on the observation that you think is incorrectly identified, and enter a disagreeing ID.

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Hmm, maybe first id added was of that species, then edited to another genus and system is slow on loading that?


The problem is the the system, not the person, misidentified it as Peppered Moth. Or more accurately, the Taxa Subscriptions put it as a Peppered Moth. The person identified the moth as something completely different.

Thanks for the suggestion! It looks like that is the case. You can see the prior ID in the screen shot in the other reply. It looks like the system is very slow. It has been over eight hours, and the system has not updated.

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Sometimes changing something in the DQA and then changing it back will cause it to reindex.

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Thanks for the suggestion! I will try it right now to see if it fixes the problem.

I clicked an “Agree” button in the DQA, retracted it, and then reloaded. It did not help, at least, at the moment.