XP140 - when is manual focus not manual focus?

I posted last year about looking at tough cameras https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/olympus-tg-6-for-botanising-and-occasional-insects/32503 and as part of the discussion it was mentioned that my existing little camera, a Fujifilm XP140, has manual focus. It does have AF/MF in the menu, but this is always greyed out. It has bugged me ever since! Recently I was comparing the OM TG-7 with the XP140 to see what else you get - and they both look really similar on the comparison site I was using - down to them both having manual focus. This is daft, I thought - so I emailed Fujifilm.
I didn’t expect a reply - but I did. They explained that “the AF/MF setting menu is only available when the SHOOTING MODE is to P” and explained how to set Focus Mode - this is how the automatic focus works. So I responded that this wasn’t really manual focus… today got this: “I am very sorry to advise but you can not manually focus on the XP140 camera.”
So why is everyone saying you can? Doh!
Still a nice little camera, and I never did expect manual focus on it!

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