You know you're seriously into iNat when

laughs in Californian


Hey, that’s not funny! :joy: :rofl:

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38k to see in Europe for me, life is not enough!

At some point I accepted that I would never live long enough to visit every place that fascinates me, even if I had the means to travel constantly. When that happens, you prioritize – which places (or species) are most important to you.

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I’m grateful to visit at least something, knowing his majority of people live their whole lives in one region and many never saw a sea, as always money rules our lives, so I’m focus for now at this country as it’s big enough to have large variability, no tropics, but still ranges from High Arctic to Caucasus and Vladivostok area, hope I’ll live long enough to travel there! For now I’m far from that being true.


… when it takes you 10 months of unrelenting devotion to overthrow the Ponderosa Pine and make the Red-tailed Hawk your #1 most observed species again. That and the only reason why I haven’t submitted many app obs is because I can’t figure out what’s clogging my phone’s memory.


(Looking up from the leaf) Oh! I’m all alone… The others all went on ahead without me. :confused:

But, HEY! I got a picture of a ~fly~ :star_struck:


is it bad if I immediately started trying to figure out how to get to a treadmill or exercise bike to try it…


There are some threads about clearing app memory. I think I recall that logging out and logging back in may help. Also, that deleting the app and reinstalling it may resolve the memory clog. Perhaps do a Search for “memory” topics in the forum and see if any apply to your situation?

I’ve done this too :joy:

…you plan your vacation trips in terms of what taxa you want to observe and upload.


I’m like doing that right now for when I go to the coast next week.

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… you are willing to risk the safety of your equipment just to “see what that animal is”
eg- I put my camera on self timer, tied it to a fishing line and dropped it off the edge of the longest wooden jetty in the southern hemisphere to identify a school of fish😂


awesome :joy: I hope it’s waterproof!


Try logging out of iNat on your phone, then back in. It clears up a lot of memory. I think it’s from the pictures you uploaded. Worked for me.

Ok, per my May 22 comment, I purchased a pair of “Watch Repair Magnifier (Upgraded Version)” from Amazon. They are loupes worn like eyeglasses and I put them in front of my “bug glasses!” They were a lot cheaper then other models (under $15 I think) and the clarity is superb! The glasses have adjustable interchangeably magnification lens! Eight pairs of magnification from 2.5X to 25X and both sides have an adjustable LED light attached! Per the instructions - “ Note: with close focal length 0.5-6.2 in., it is suggested to use a single eye for viewing at area only focal will fail when using both eyes lenses at the same time…” Since those are the focal lengths for all lens, I found it weird that they wouldn’t focus together. Oh, well, just a little bit of weird doesn’t hurt anyone and I got plenty! :smiling_imp: < that’s my mischievous self! Example below…
Well, I wore them to my eye doctor and my dentist! They (eye doctor and staff) know I’m usually going to bring in something unusual, mostly cool bugs! Kinda freaked them out when I walked in with my mags and the LED lights on! I looked like I was from another planet!
Being 62 means you can get away with stuff.
It’s weird being the same age as “Old People!”


-You spend all your “spend savings” on more then $100AU worth of Drosera id books.
-You spend more then half an hour reading this thread.
-You get your family lost in a reserve looking for shirt orchids that you don’t find.

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…everyone else thinks you’re taking pictures of the cute baby, but actually there’s a cute spider on his car seat. (

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… After years of not caring about how you depict your plants and animals in your illustration work, you now research what species/cultivars are common or make sense in the area/environment you are depicting, even if: 1. the client is not asking for it, 2. your style doesn’t really depict them in close enough detail for it to make a difference, or 3. the subject is fantasy-related enough for someone to hand-wave the matter altogether.

And when you can’t find something, you find something close by that area and go ‘CLOSE ENOUGH’ because you still have a deadline.

And then, when your client asks you to change the thing to something they’re more familiar with, you do it, but feel guilty for the sin of inserting an American robin in an environment that is clearly Medieval Era France.


When you have to change a lot of your old observations because you used too large accuracies when you just joined iNat.