Zoom In on Identify Turns Image Sideways


Firefox 74.0

URLs (aka web addresses) of any relevant observations or pages:


Step 1: Open Identify, go through various different pages and search filters, all works normally

Step 2: Cat jumps on keyboard, who even knows what buttons were pressed…

Step 3: Zoom is now broken :woman_shrugging:

Sorry I can’t be more helpful I have no idea what happened

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This persisted in the next page of results when I hit “View More” but disappeared when I refreshed the page.

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And it’s back.

Step one: go to https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/identify?iconic_taxa=Plantae&order=asc&lrank=phylum&place_id=any

Step two: Identify some stuff. Zoom works as expected.

Step three: Now the zoom is sideways again. No cats involved.

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Will try to replicate with my cat.


Any chance you can share URLs of some of these observations?

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Here’s one.
It goes sideways on zoom on the Observation page as well…



Nice, an observation from my home town! OK, my guess is that this has to do with the photo’s lack of orientation data. I downloaded the photo, saved its orientation, and it works now: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/40893773

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Huh. Any way of auto-fixing photos that don’t have orientation data? Probably not a high-priority fix, I understand.
And if it makes any difference, all the sideways images were from quite old Observations, ones six, seven, nine years old…

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Orientation is usually from the EXIF data, I believe.
If there is no EXIF data, I don’t know that you could just automatically input some values and have it be correct.

The images uploaded to iNat didn’t always “auto rotate” like they do now. There used to be (maybe still is?) the option to manually rotate photos, and because it was a pain to do, some observers (myself included) would only bother rotating if they were hard on the eyes because of the orientation (upside down can be particularly awkward to look at for some things…)

Looks like it’s still there:

I was only mentioning getting EXIF in response to @trh_blue asking if it could automatically assume and apply orientation where none already existed.

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I found the same issue on this observation but it turns upside down. Also an old observation. Seems to happen both on the identify page and in the actual observation.

in this particular case, the issue appears to be that the “original” version of the photo (https://www.inaturalist.org/photos/375589?size=original, or https://static.inaturalist.org/photos/375589/original.JPG) is oriented differently than the smaller sized versions of this photo (ex. https://www.inaturalist.org/photos/375589?size=medium, or https://static.inaturalist.org/photos/375589/medium.JPG).

maybe the process that handles photo rotation missed the “original” version of this photo?

Hm yes now that I look closer it appears that the “original” is actually the one that is right side up and the “observation version” is upside down (unless the picture was taken upside down).

the photo metadata says Orientation 3, which means the camera was upside down. if you’re saying the “original” version is the correct orientation, then maybe the rotation process correctly flipped the “original” but then missed the other versions. either way, the “original” is the odd one out.