Zooming on map jumps down to in-progress comment or ID (Identify)

Description of problem:

  • Open any Identify page. I’ve linked to one sorted by faves below since it’s most frustrating when there are numerous IDs or comments on the observation. But you can still see the focus changing (blue highlight around text box) when there is only one ID or comment on the obs already.
  • Start typing out an ID or comment. That could be entering the taxon and selecting it from the dropdown or entering a comment only.
  • Go up to the map and zoom in or out
  • The page focus now jumps back down to your in-progress ID or comment

Expected activity: Zooming in or out on the map keeps me focused on the map area.

Platform: Website

Browser: Chrome and Firefox

URLs: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/identify?quality_grade=needs_id%2Cresearch&order_by=votes&place_id=57482 (just an example; happens on any Identify page)


yup. the first time you do this, there’s a slight change in the layout of the modal, too. i’m not sure if it’s the padding that changes or the font that changes slightly… but there’s a small shift there.

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i can’t reproduce your focus shift problem anymore. can you?

that said, i still see the slight layout shift that i mentioned earlier, and there’s a really big satellite button on my map :

those can probably be reported separately though, if not already reported elsewhere…

No, it’s not jumping down for me anymore. I don’t think the slight shift of giant Satellite button have been reported elsewhere yet.