Still Unknown after two IDs

What’s going on here?

You need 2 No votes to counteract the 1 Yes. I just made a No, so if you do that it will be fixed. :)

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Well, looks like the problem is of different nature: we just made it Casual grade… Mystery to me.

Weird, it should at least be Casual and some Beetle level, not Unknown- but still glitched no matter what buttons I press.

yep, the observer unchecked the gavel box as i’ve asked her, but it’s still not working out. something weird is going on.

When I look at it, it claims that the date’s unspecified, but there is a date associated with it – don’t know what that’s about.

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Under “Edit your account & Profile” make sure that “Community Moderation Settings” is selected to accept community ID. If not selected, others can still ID, but it will remain casual grade.

Ima familiar with that setting and it’s usually noted that user has opted out of community id, as some experts do. Here we got another problem: this and only this obs of this user is remaining unknown (not casual grade), other obs are identifiable just fine. There’s some system glitch is going on and as far as i can tell we need staff help.

We’re investigating this.

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OK, it looks like this was a bug that has now been fixed. Looking good to me now.

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