6+ hours of scheduled downtime February 4-5

iNaturalist will be offline for 6-7 hours beginning at 7 pm Pacific Standard Time (GMT-8) on Thursday, February 4. Click here to see this translated into your time zone. During this time, you will not be able to post observations from the mobile apps or interact with the website or API in any way. The iNatForum will still be active.

For many of you, this will coincide with the middle of the night. For others, we acknowledge this may be an inconvenience, so we want to warn you so you can make other plans during that time.

Every few months or so, we need to temporarily take iNaturalist offline in order to update the infrastructure to better accommodate the growing community. Typically, it takes less than 3 hours. This time will be longer because we’re migrating databases and there’s a lot of data to export, migrate, and re-import into the new database.

For those who may be wondering, this is unrelated to the unexpected downtime on Thursday, January 28. This extended downtime was already planned, and the unexpected downtime had no impact on this timing. Thanks for bearing with us.


What time is that in EST? The link to see the translated thing tells me the DNS can not be found.

10 pm EST


Okay. I have been seeing a few bugs. Will those get fixed too? Example: this bug is still happending: https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/inaturalist-app-login/18910/12

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No, if all goes well, nothing will look different. Bugs are fixed on a regular basis without downtime, so please file a bug report for anything you noticed that doesn’t already have one.


Thanks for notifying us as always! I’m glad to see that we’re still up and running!


I, I don’t know if I can cope! iNaturalist down all evening?? What will I do?



We’ll have to hang out on the forums and count down the minutes! I predict a massive uptick in forum activity during this time period.


Oh gosh, just realised this means iNat will be down all day today (starting at 1300).

Yup, our hemisphere is out of luck re downtimes…I have already planned a programme of substitute activites to get me through:)


EeeeKKKK!!! Oh…OK, it won’t go into effect here (Houston, TX) until 9pm. :D All good!

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