Five (5) hours of scheduled downtime April 13th-14th

iNaturalist will be offline for up to 5 hours beginning at 7 pm Pacific Daylight Time (UTC-7) on Thursday, April 13 (that’s UTC 02:00 on April 14). Click to see in your local time .

During these several hours, you will not be able to post observations from the mobile apps or interact with the website or API in any way. The iNatForum will still be active.

The timing will likely be most inconvenient for those in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania. We apologize in advance for anyone who is inconvenienced. Please make other plans during that time.

Similar to past scheduled downtimes, this maintenance is required to better manage iNaturalist’s growing dataset but these behind-the-scenes improvements to the database will not be visible.


Thank you Carrie and iNat staff!
Also …
Nooo Star Wars GIFs | Tenor


No. Do not do that. I want to check iNaturalist whenever I want. Please don’t do this

's OK, this iNat addict will be asleep for those few hours


Finally some nice hours for it to not work!


Could you allow the banner to be closed if we want. It is giving me nightmares.


Out of curiosity, does the forum typically get more views/engagement during scheduled downtime? I certainly find myself coming here more when my original plan was foiled.


Hmmm, dunno about this time - seems pretty quiet, unlike some past downtimes. Maybe western hemisphere folks are taking the opportunity to catch up with the rest of their lives. :sweat_smile:


Could you explain what this means? I am lost.


Just thinking that a lot of the iNat population who would “normally” be online during this particular downtime period would be located in the western hemisphere, but since forum traffic seems pretty level, maybe people are doing other things with the time instead?


iNat’s back up and it’s looking good to me. Let us know if you see any issues.


We were, heavily engaged offline, once before when the servers went down unexpectedly. When I realised I login here with my iNat profile. If that is down, I have the forum bookmarked for logged out, can read (it’s public!) but can’t engage.

PS may or may not be related, but yesterday pictures were loading agonisingly slowly
one line of pixels at a time.
Today they pop up promptly, as expected.

My so-called “humor” has failed me again.

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Worked for me though!


Yeah, it was really slow, so I’m happy updates came or on CNC it would definitely crash.

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In retrospect, not at all - just too subtle for my late-night brain to register! :upside_down_face:

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It’s down right now. Was this also planned?

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