A change to iNaturalist fonts

Does anyone know how to fix this?

It seems to be a Safari-only bug. I don’t think there’s a fix a user can do right now until iNat’s able to make a fix on its end unless you use another browser.

Ok, thanks!

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This as been fixed.

We made some chages to bold text, I think it’s looking much better. Let us know if you see any issues.

This should be fixed as well, I added a comment to the bug report.

Thanks for the feedback, everyone!


Sooo I would have prefered that, because it is much easier to read.

The font change to me, is a backward move because the characters are more rounded and less differentiated. This makes it more difficult to read as ND person. Comic sans is well known to also be much more dyslexic friendly.

There are open source dyslexic friendly fonts. I think any font change should be to one of those, honestly.

Open Sans is not too bad, if open dyslexic or comic sans look too “unscientific”. And definitely in my opinion better than the selected on, and usually ranking in top 10 for dyslexic friendly computer fonts.


Interesting font (Open Dyslexic) but one I find hard to read. I guess there’s no perfect solution for everyone.


Fair, but there is definitely better than what was picked as far as on screen readability. I mean, the “a” completely changed from how it appears here on the forum, to an open without extra top line “a”, which that alone makes readability much harder as it blends as another “round character” without much definition that makes it stand out as a letter.


I do like the change, a lot, but I can’t help but feel that the character spacing is a bit more cramped than it was with the old font. It feels a bit more condensed. Relax it just a little and it’d be perfect.

@tiwane any chance this can be adjusted on the developer’s end or will the translations need to be shortened?

I suspect my problem is a similar problem to the one @sedgequeen mentioned – I am using iNat on a relatively small screen and the new font apparently takes up just a smidgeon more space that is enough to push things onto a new line on the home page and a few other places.

I’ve changed the font zoom to 90% but of course if there is a way the spacing could be tightened up just a tiny bit, that would be ideal for me.


It’s so cool how different brains like different fonts. I am also ND but not dyslexic and I find the dyslexic font very hard to read, the capital D and O look the same as I’m reading and I keep stumbling over them and having to restart.

I love the “bionic font generator” though, where it bolds the first few letters of each word. But I know of others who find these fonts annoying.



I agree this is looking much better to me! One potentially related thing I’ve noticed, and this is really picky, is that now the numbers don’t seem to be vertically centered on IDer profile stats in relation to the grey ovals:

They look just slightly shifted up vertically in the ovals (screenshot from Chrome), though enough to trigger my brain telling me something is off.


To me it seems like the font size is slightly larger than it used to be, which is a little annoying. Not a huge deal though.


Proper centering only kicks in if you have 6 digit numbers for those, as a subtle incentive for sharp-eyed people to contribute more. Better get to work!

No you’re right, it’s tiny but I’m seeing in Firefox as well. I’ll add it to a list of fixes to be done, along with the Dashboard problem with German.


I agree that the “a” is somewhat harder to distinguish now from some distance from the screen.

Also, I would prefer if the change were consistent in the taxonomy. Reading a Genus or Species name and then a phylum or order in another font is a little weird.


Your complaint about text alignment seems justified.


I guess my brain has already adapted to the changes because I don’t even notice the revisions or small misalignments.

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