iNaturalist Updates for June 2024

Here’s a list of iNat updates June 2024. Thanks for helping to track these, forum moderators!


  • iNat is hiring for a Head of Engineering position!
  • Released a Natural Language Search demo
  • Added new plant annotations
  • Updated fonts on the iNaturalist website, Android app, and Seek app
  • Continued work on new mobile app - in pre-Alpha testing with staff and closed beta testing group
  • Continued work on API v2 - curators can test it and provide feedback, see this topic
  • Many additional translations throughout the websites and apps - you can help



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  • Released version 1.30.15 (608), which replaced Whitney font with Lato font
  • The Android app’s replacement continues to be in pre-Alpha testing


  • Released version 3.3.4 - fixed a common crash and added Hungarian and Polish language support
  • The iOS app’s replacement continues to be in pre-Alpha testing


  • Released June challenge
  • Released version 2.15.8, which replaced Whitney font with Lato font
  • Released version 2.16 and 2.16.1, which should fix issues with identification accuracy and overall camera stability and functionality

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For even more bug fixes and updates, check out iNaturalist on github and see previous monthly updates.


How could I join the Alpha test?

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Thank you for making it easy to copy GPS coordinates. It’s a real time-saving feature that I use every day!


How is the API v2 coming along? Will the new apps be using it?

I’m also interested in joining the beta for the app.

I don’t think joining the testing is possible at the moment. It says only accessible for staff and a closed testing group. Not open to anyone else I presume.

Testing is open for everyone who is smart enough. The development is focussing on the iOS platform. If you want to join the beta test you are a bit early cause the alpha test is not finished yet.
Why you all want to joint the test?

If they are iOS users, there is a pent up backlog of needs. I understand people wanting to find out what’s going on with the replacement development

If you are on Android you can get the latest apk from Github.
But right now they are still busy with fixing/polishing things so they are not quite ready to take in any other bug reports besides from the testing group (at least that’s how it was last time).

I have been running the new app for fun for testing for quite some time but I will wait till they are ready to report all quirks I find.

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At this point we’re not accepting new beta testers, I’m sorry.

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Are you able to upload new observations? I remember that worked about a year ago, but now… it seems not to work. :-( :-(
I can add identifications, so it is not a wrong password, I should say.

Also problems that imported photo is not shown/does not have a thumbnail

No I’m having issues related to adding observations in general (like imported images not being shown/ having a thumbnail).
And upload fails as well.
As I said, right now I’m just observing and waiting for the moment I can sent my input =)

And I use it for offline ids a lot when I’m somewhere out in the wild and don’t have signal.

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Development is focused on iOS for now. If you’re downloading the Android APK file, I wouldn’t expect it to work well or at all, I’m sorry.

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